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  1. Undefeated_Lamba

    🚀 Crypto Trump Set To Speak At Upcoming Bitcoin 2024 Conference In Nashville — Crypto Community Reacts

    Former President Donald Trump has been announced as a speaker at the upcoming Bitcoin conference in Nashville, Tennessee, later this month. The conference, one of the largest BTC events, is scheduled to take place from July 25 to 27. Trump To Deliver Keynote At Bitcoin Conference On Wednesday...
  2. Undefeated_Lamba

    🚀 Crypto Bitcoin To Hit $100,000 This Year for the First Time Since Its Inception

    Samson Mow, CEO of Jan3, recently shared his perspective on the future of Bitcoin through the social media platform X. Mow, a prominent Bitcoin supporter, expressed his belief that Bitcoin is on a trajectory to reach $100,000, which he referred to as “$0.1 million.” He opined that BTC could...
  3. Undefeated_Lamba

    🚀 Crypto Trump’s Crypto Embrace: From “Disaster” to “I’m Good With It”

    ...gimmick to garner support from younger generations, who are the biggest players in the sector. “The devil is in the detail. He hated #Bitcoin last time he was in power. No#bitcoints the “crypto” vote? Will US policy towards BTC get worse or better under Trump?” wrote Simon Dixon, founder of...
  4. C

    Breaking News #Bitcoin at Crossroads: Correction or Crash?

    #bitcoin at Crossroads: Correction or Crash? $BTC sheds 4.44% in 3 days, testing $62k support. Is this a healthy pullback or a sign of things to come? Mixed signals: Bearish: High long liquidations, April's drop, failed breakout. Bullish: Funding rates positive, RSI hints at comeback, 80%...
  5. C

    News Here's today's crypto market update

    1. #bitcoin's price and ETF outflows are weakening 2. Risk assets will likely rally if the TGA estimate is maintained at or lowered from the current $750 billion. 3. Law enforcement agencies will no longer need to wait for an arrest to seize crypto. 4. The #Ethereum development company is...
  6. C

    🗂️Keep in Mind Bitcoin's Secrets: Analysts Decode Crucial Data Points as BTC Hovers Near $66K - What's Next?

    Bitcoin's price nears $66K amid market analysis. Experts dissect crucial data points, hinting at potential rallies. With BTC showing resilience, strategic buying opportunities emerge, shaping the crypto landscape. #bitcoin #BTC #CryptoAnalysis
  7. C

    News Bitcoin rallies into $72k

    #bitcoin rallies into $72k as the bull market can be aggressive and take the best traders by surprise. I think it can run even higher keep watch.
  8. C

    Accumulation is still ongoing

    The lower the #bitcoin balances get on exchanges, the more volatile the price action will become.
  9. Undefeated_Lamba

    🚀 Crypto $1 Dogecoin Price Highly In View As Coinbase Prepares To List DOGE Futures On April 1

    ...listing standards and regulatory compliance, is set to launch futures trading for the leading doggy-themed meme coin alongside Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. Coinbase believes Dogecoin’s “enduring popularity” suggests it has evolved from a whimsical meme to a foundational element in the current...
  10. Gr@c3

    🚀 Crypto 7 Signals the Bitcoin Bull Run Has Room to Run After $70,000 (Opinion)

    This bull run is cyclical in nature, and these seven signals suggest it is just getting started. Just three weeks ago, on Feb. 12, Bitcoin’s price crossed the $50,000 threshold. Fundstrat Global Advisors Head of Digital Strategy Sean Farrell said, “This rally in the near term certainly has some...
  11. Gr@c3

    🚀 Crypto Bitcoin is the Ultmate Bubble: Peter Schiff Resumes Bashing Spree

    Euro Pacific Asset Management founder Peter Schiff, a cryptocurrency skeptic, recently warned that Bitcoin is the “ultimate asset bubble” as Bitcoin price soared. Bitcoin price was flying somewhere above $61,500 when Schiff made his warning. At the time of this writing, four days later, BTC is...
  12. Capybara

    News 🚀 Crypto MicroStrategy's Bitcoin Holdings Now Worth Over $10 Billion

    MicroStrategy's investment in bitcoin has reached a significant milestone, with the company's holdings now valued at over $10 billion as BTC rises above $52,000. This achievement underscores MicroStrategy's steadfast commitment to bitcoin as a long-term store of value and a hedge against...
  13. SaulBadman

    🚀 Crypto Pundit Convinced Bitcoin Will Hit $112,000 This Year Buoyed By ETFs Flows; Tips $55K As Worst Case Scenario

    ...inflows continue to flood the market, with new analysis predicting a significant price appreciation for the benchmark cryptocurrency. Bitcoin prices could blast to an impressive $112,000 per coin this year if the ongoing trend of inflows linked to United States BTC spot exchange-traded funds...
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