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1. Anonymity is key: Use pseudonyms and never reveal your true identity. Protect yourself from potential legal consequences.

2. No snitching: Do not disclose any information that could lead to the identification or arrest of fellow members. Loyalty among black hat hackers is crucial.

3. Share knowledge selectively: Only share hacking techniques, tools, or vulnerabilities privately with trusted members. Limit public discussions to avoid unwanted attention.

4. No personal attacks: Avoid targeting or harassing individuals outside the forum. Maintain a level of professionalism and focus on hacking-related discussions.

5. Collaboration is encouraged: Foster an environment where members can collaborate on hacking projects, share ideas, and help each other improve their skills.

6. No scams: While the forum may focus on illegal activities, scams and fraud within the community are not tolerated. Maintain some level of integrity among members.

7. Respect the hierarchy: Acknowledge and respect the more experienced hackers within the community. Learn from their expertise and contribute positively to the forum.

8. No illegal activities involving harm: Avoid discussions or activities that could cause physical harm, such as hacking medical devices or critical infrastructure. Focus on non-violent cyber activities.
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