🚀 Crypto AI Predicts When Ripple’s XRP Will Hit $9 Price And What Will Drive It

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Ripple's XRP Could Soon Make its Way Back to Most Crypto Exchanges. Here's Why

The future price of Ripple’s XRP has stirred considerable debate and varying opinions among analysts and enthusiasts alike. We contacted one of the most advanced AI models on the market to predict when XRP would reach $9 and what factors would contribute to it.

While the responses were somewhat mechanical, avoiding pinpointing an exact date, Anthropic’s AI chatbot, Claude AI, envisioned a highly plausible scenario for XRP hitting the $9 mark.

What Needs to Happen for XRP to Reach $9?

Claude explained that XRP could achieve this milestone by establishing itself as a major cross-border payment method among huge banks. If this widespread adoption materializes, the demand for the coin will surge, driving its value upwards. However, this scenario still seems distant as XRP’s penetration into the banking sector has been slower than anticipated.

Moreover, Claude highlighted the lack of clarity surrounding XRP. The prolonged legal dispute with the U.S. SEC, accusing Ripple of selling an unregistered security, casts doubts on XRP’s status. This regulatory uncertainty has been the major drag on its price for years, preventing XRP from capitalizing on the bullish rally that Bitcoin has experienced in recent months.

Therefore, according to Claude, one of the factors that could accelerate XRP’s increase would be the resolution of the legal battle against the SEC, which began in 2020. This could happen this year, following a first victory against the regulators in July last year, when Judge Analista Torres of the Southern District of New York ruled for the first time that XRP is not a security.

Ripple Would Need to Surge 135% from its 2018 All-Time High

Regarding specific forecasts, Claude AI indicated that reaching the $9 mark per coin would imply an increase of over 135% from the all-time high of $3.84 recorded in 2018. Looking at it this way, we could say it’s a significant challenge, though not impossible.

“At its all-time high, XRP’s price was around $3.84 in January 2018 during the 2017 crypto bull run. For it to reach $9, it would need to increase by approximately 135% from that record high,” Claude AI quoted.

At the time of writing, XRP is trading at $0.57 after a slight 2.8% retracement over the last 24 hours. Therefore, XRP would need to increase by roughly 1,478% from its current price of $0.57 to reach $9.

Considering the market’s volatility and institutional investors’ interest in coins and projects that have held steady for years, tens of billions of smart money may flow into Ripple, driving XRP’s price to $9, especially if the company emerges fully victorious against the SEC.
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